Sex not Porn

“Sex is too important to leave in the hands of pornographers”

ricardo scipio 

Why does this site exist?

A recent survey found that more than half of teen boys (53%) and over a third of teen girls (39%) reported believing that pornography was a realistic depiction of sex.

Of the most trafficked websites worldwide, 2 porn sites are in the top 10 most visited sites, and SEMrush Traffic Analytics tells us that, porn sites received more traffic in 2020 than Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Zoom, Pinterest, and LinkedIn combined.

Even today, as we live in an age when the sum total of man’s accumulated knowledge can be accessed with our fingertips via the Internet, more people use it to surf porn than to discover the secrets of the universe.

Of all the elements of humanity, sexuality is the most discussed, photographed and chronicled throughout the ages, yet it is still the most shamed, reviled and misrepresented.


The Projects

The Intimacy Project, The Sex Goddess Project, and The Love Drops NFTS.

A very diverse group of people of all shapes and sizes and colours and gender-identities celebrate their sexuality in an unapologetic, unashamed and authentic way. These are photographs of glorious moments of joy, connection., intensity, ecstasy, and abandon.

Today was All About Me

Today's shoot was all about me. Every other shoot, I was with others and it was about us. Today I am completely in love with me, with my body, my sensations, my feelings. Today I celebrated my corporeal existence, my happy place in this body, the fullest expression of...

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Photography and Trust

Photography and Trust Art is the only man-made thing I trust. To me photography isn’t just a creative mode of expression it’s also spiritual, social and intimate. When I was a shy, awkward 14-year-old immigrant- an often bullied outsider, having a camera in my hand...

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Creative Energy

Creative Energy is the most important and life-affirming energy that there is. We call it Spirit, God, Universal energy or whatever. The truth is that creativity is the most fundamental act. And sex is the most universal creative activity, almost everyone does it, and...

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I Received My Book Today

I received my SGP Book today, long awaited I must say, or perhaps it was just my anxiousness to see what was in the pages. My first reaction was raw and visceral and tears poured from my eyes. The tears came from a place deep inside my soul that I did not know...

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Your work invites us to experience moments of the highest form of creative communion. It’s a glimpse into a Divine intimacy and primal energy that is human sexuality. Your work illustrates the interconnectedness of creative, life giving energy fuelled by the power of love.


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